Green Tiny Home Solutions

Custom Design for You!
Green Tiny Homes !

Small space? No problem, our Smart Green Tiny Homes are designed to fit anywhere!




Our Smart Green Tiny Homes come  with all the green energy solutions that we Now Offer.  Let us custom design your Smart Green Tiny Home Today, Pistolatum is here to help make your community Green. 

From 100 sq ft and up

Our Air to Water Drinking systems that produce 1-3 gallons of water daily. Solar panels and/or wind turbines, LED lighting to lower your homes energy consumption can be included in your Smart Green Tiny Home!



Tiny Home living has become a life-style for many families across the world. Get the peace of mind of a home without the inflated price. Cost effective, Mobile and equipped with our Smart Green Energy Solutions giving our customers the most savings on their electric bill.


No need to worry about energy outages with our Green Energy Package that includes Solar panels and Wind energy providing you power even during the harshest weather conditions. 


Our Mission is to help the community by providing an excellent alternative for a living space. Our Smart Green Tiny Homes are at the forefront of smart solutions for our customers. The Smart Green Tiny Homes come Alexa and Google ready. A Solar Toilet and Beautiful Epoxy Flooring and Countertops. Smart Green Tiny Home living helps families who live in them and the environment around them with the latest green technologies. 


Smart Green Tiny Homes that make a difference for the families that live in them and the environment around them.